From 1 Sale in 5 Months To +10.000 products sold & International Expansion in 6 Months

By Anders Lawets

CEO & Co-founder

We see far too many e-com owners get screwed by hiring the wrong agency to handle their paid media and digital strategy.

These owners are often tied to this agency for up to a year at a time without getting any significant results…

This is just reality.

As an e-com owner myself, I get several requests a day from different people wanting to do my online marketing…

Great Marketing VS Basic Marketing

One of our clients already had an agency at the time they reached out to us, but was nowhere near satisfied with the results generated. Understandably, since it had only yielded a single sale in 4-5 months.

After a few meetings and an in-depth analysis, where we really dissected their current structure and campaign setup, we onboarded the client. We then implemented our action plan along with our “4 pillar traffic engine system”.

In just 1 month, the customer had a 3-digit in products sold…

Now, 8 months and +10.000 products sold later, they are on the verge to a major international breakthrough.

Contact us and we will be happy to give you a quote on whether your company has the same potential and give you our step-by-step system for how you can achieve the same results with a proven digital framework for your online marketing.


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