Luxury skin care

The Remarkable Rise of a Luxury Skin Care Brand's Online Growth

From Brick-and-Mortar to Predicted Digital Domination


Increase in new customer revenue


Increase in Facebook ad spend


Decrease in New customer CPA

Their Story

NANNETTE de GASPÉ (NNTT) is a Canadian luxury skincare brand that has become a disrupter in the beauty industry with its innovative biomimetic micro-vectorized delivery system, that allows for a far superior and efficient delivery of active ingredients to the skin.

Their Challenge

NNTT was in search of a way to effectively market and grow their luxury skincare brand online. They had already wasted +$100,000 on other agencies without getting results and were therefor skeptical about e-commerce as a sales channel.

Their website was also lacking in terms of current best practices for high converting sites, and they did not have any proven marketing funnel or proven lead products to acquire new customers.

Despite not meeting the minimum monthly revenue requirement we have for our clients, the quality of NNTT's products left us no choice but to join them on their e-commerce journey.

The Solution

Since the brand had a very low monthly revenue online, and did not have that much faith in this sales channel, we had to find a way to show proof of concept and get traction, while staying within budget.

Action steps:

Minimum Viable Website Optimization: Improving design, images and copy on Homepage, Collection pages and Product pages. Further, we remove several apps, removed useless code from theme files and compressed images, to improve page speed.

REIS™️ System: By implementing our rapid creative/angle testing system, we quickly and cheaply found winning ads via paid social, that we could scale.

The Funnel: By implementing and constantly testing and improving our Dark funnel, including the Trojan Horse, we made sure to put the visitor in the right frame of mind before going to the product pages. This turned out to be one of the key success element in this case.

Consultation & Sparring: We made sure to inform and explain NNTT all steps in the process, which helped them get a better understanding of the fundamentals of a successful e-commerce. Drawing from our own experience in e-commerce, we also provide guidance on critical areas such as product development, forecasting, logistics, and working with influencers. Our goal is to help clients like NNTT build a solid foundation for their online business so they can achieve long-term success. 

Dimél demonstrated the potential for a great return on investment in one specific area, giving us confidence that E-Comm could work for us. Whereas other agencies, were sort of all over the map.

Adele Rubiano

President & COO at NANNETTE de GASPÉ

The Results

By quickly showcasing proof of concept, we helped NNTT's getting their trust back in e-commerce as a sales channel, which allowed us to scale their monthly revenue by 800% in just 5 months.


Increase in new customer revenue


Increase in Facebook ad spend


Decrease in New customer CPA

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