From B2B To DTC Money Making Machine

By Anders Lawets

CEO & Co-founder

How to gain control of your business and diversify your revenue channels.

Have you discovered how vulnerable your business is to Covid-19? Strict supplier requirements, huge drop in demand, discontinued seasonal goods etc. All in all, your business is having cash flow issues and it will essentially be a race against time whether it survives this external event that you could in no way prepare for…

Or could you?

Have you ever heard the phrase “do not put all your eggs in one basket”? The problem with having a pure B2B business is that you have no control over your branding and your marketing… Because with the right marketing you will always be able to sell. The trick is to find out how you can put in $1 and get out $2.

Case: E-com Clothing Brand

This company was struggling to meet their direct expenses as well as overhead costs due to Covid-19. Retailers and stores did not buy due to low demand, suppliers still demanded their money on time and investors essentially withdrew due to a volatile future…

In other words, they were screwed. But the product is solid and the story is appealing, which is why we said (Dimél) “Let’s take it online, we’ll build a web shop for you, set up fundamental backend systems and be responsible for your online marketing.

We presented our estimated KPI’s and action plan for the board. It would require substantial effort for this to be done and the board doubted because the results seemed out of proportion and most of all unattainable… In the end the alternative was ultimately more daunting and the potential upside was too good for them to turn this opportunity down.

The Results

We launched the web shop in December. The first month was break-even with a 20K ad spend, the second month we got $4 back per $1 spent (i.e. ROAS 4), 3rd month we got $10 back per $1 spent and the company now continuously make a 5-figure turnover per month online only while expanding to new international markets.

The Brand today

This brand is now in 10 different countries internationally… Another factor which is neglected and overlooked by effective marketing; When done properly, it brings invaluable synergies and benefits to the B2B part as well as the B2C part.

Contact us and we will be happy to give you a quote on whether your company has the same potential and give you our step-by-step system for how you can achieve the same results with a proven digital framework for your online marketing.


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