Changing The Game In Elegant Kids Wear

A story about how we helped Amaia Kids build a profitable new customer acquisition system.


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Their Story

Inspired by her mother and passion for design, Amaia Arrieta, founder of Amaia Kids, started making clothes for her children in London.

Amaia's commitment to quality led her to launch Amaia Kids in 2005. Today, the brand is globally recognized for elegant and timeless designs, while upholding values of quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

The Challenge

Despite being a well-established brand, Amaia Kids was struggling to acquire new customers online and had an outdated and poorly optimized website.

Their online presence was also lagging behind their competitors, and they did not have the know-how to effectively take their physical store online.

The brand had taken their physical store online 18 months before seeking assistance, but they had limited knowledge about ecommerce in general. As a result, Amaia Kids was stuck with their growth and needed help to overcome these challenges to reach their full potential in the online space.

The Solution

New Highly Optimized & Well Designed Website: When we started the collaboration, Amaia was about to pay £14,000 for a new website at another agency. Instead, we did it for free. Running our own apparel brand, we knew every critical aspect of having a highly converting site. We focused on product pages, navigation, AOV incentives and overall trust.

Owner Story Video: We used our framework for scripting and editing an owner story video, which helped visitors know, like and trust Amaia Kids, before they got to the landing page. The same video has been running for eight months and is still a huge reason we profitably acquire new customers.

REIS™️ System: By implementing our rapid creative/angle testing system, we quickly and cheaply found winning ads via paid social, that we could scale.

Pop-ups & Welcome Flow Designed To Maximize Conversions: Selling mid/high-end kids' clothing, the buyer's journey is relatively long, and there is a lot of trust to be built before the new visitor decides to purchase. So we set up a highly converting pop-up based on best practices and optimized their existing welcome flow to maximize revenue.

Consultation & Sparring: We made sure to inform and explain Amaia Kids all steps in the process, which helped them get a better understanding of the fundamentals of successful e-commerce. Drawing from our own experience in e-commerce, we also provide guidance on critical areas such as product development, forecasting, logistics, and working with influencers. We aim to help clients like Amaia Kids build a solid foundation for their online business to achieve long-term success.

You helped us achieve a state of the art website and state of the art global digital marketing. Your DTC experience has really helped us grow even further than we thought possible. Amazing to have you as partners. This is priceless!

Amaia Arireta

Founder of Amaia Kids

The Results

By cracking the code to new customer acquisition, we helped Amaia Kids reach their growth goals by continuously acquiring new customers, profitably.


Increase in month over month revenue


Profitable NCROAS at scale


Increase in new leads

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